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Self-education guide for taking advantage of working from home



73%MORE EFFECTIVE than other personal development methods

MORE HABITUAL & easier to integrate into daily life

-100xCHEAPER than personal development mentors & coaches

Good Habit Guides vs Quick Progress Challenges

Not sure which one to choose?

Good Habit Guides

Good Habit Guides

Good Habit Guides take between 1 and 6 months and cover a wide range of habits and routines in-depth.

Choose Good Habit Guides if you want to build sustainable habits and routines with longer-term guidance.

Choose a Guide
No Pants Office Quick Progress Challenges

Quick Progress Challenges

Quick Progress Challenges take 4 weeks and focus on a single routine or habit.

Choose Quick Progress Challenges for a fast-track approach to building a single habit or routine OR to try out our methodology.

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Building good habits is as 2x2

Except that reading books, compiling lists of different practices, and knowing the benefits of building habits don't really work, do they?

We too have read tons of advice and practices.
Actually, 1 000+ books, pieces of research, articles, and advice only to get back into the "normal" practices a couple of days into the rhythms of working from home.

Why? Because advice is not the same as inspiration with actionable guidance and dedicated time for reflection.

1000+ books combined
No Pants Office methodology

Make the most of working from home and build better habits 

We combined every piece of advice found with our own 7+ years of working from home experience and designed our Good Habit Guides and Quick Progress Challenges to guide you towards perfect remote work routines and habits a day at a time. Without you having to think about it.

Guides and Challenges act as your personal development coaches except they are with you 24/7 from your personal calendar at a fraction of a cost.
You can start with a single Guide or Challenge and add more as you progress.

Our method is very simple

Good Habit Guides and Quick Progress Challenges live in your personal calendar. All you have to do is follow the reminders:

1. Pick your Guides or Challenges.
2. Upload calendar files to your personal calendar.
3. Follow the activities in reminders.
4. Watch your mood, productivity, and ultimately life change a day at a time!

Add extra Guides or Challenges at any time.

No apps, no unwanted notifications, no annoying extras!

Yep, that's right

Weekends are off.

Guides and Challenges take place on weekdays. Just like school or work, self-education also needs down time.

We may give you some "homework", but we believe that you need to switch-off and spend time on quality activities without us telling you what to do.

Besides, if you're in it, the practices will naturally start affecting your life every second of every day so your weekends will gradually start to change too.

Weekends are off
No Pants Office methodology

About No Pants Office

Yeah, well 2020 has been "amazing" for all of us! Thanks for that.

The most important thing though is - what are we going to do about it?

Complaining and feeling moody are certainly on a plate.Is that really the best option though?

We have a better idea!
Why don't we use this time to come out bigger and better persons?
Somebody we would admire and aspire to. Sort of our own gurus!

And so our mission is to help you self-educate into super-self through building the right habits and owning life on your own terms.


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