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Thorough Declutter Challenge

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Declutter home, mind, and soul with this step-by-step guided 20 workday Challenge straight from your calendar. Free yourself from clutter.

Why declutter in the first place?

1) Possessions possess

All our possess should serve us. Is that the case though? How much time do you spend serving things that you own? Fixing, cleaning, attending to them? The less we have, the more freedom we have.

2) You are not what you own

It is very natural to us humans to identify with what we possess. But we're not the things we own and redefining this new identity starts with getting rid of stuff that's tying you to your old identity.

3) Organizing stuff is a waste of time

How much time do you spend organizing and re-organizing stuff? That's time that you steal from your hobbies, self-education, and your loved ones.

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