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Ultimate Goal Map

Ultimate Goal Map

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A goal without a plan is just a wish!  

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Goal map
Goal map
Ultimate Goal Map
Ultimate Goal Map
Ultimate Goal Map

Start achieving your LIFE's GOALS 
and living your dreams!

Taking control of your life is easier than you think.
It starts with clear goals and detailed action plan.


Lifetime money back guaranteed!

23PRODUCTIVITY & PSYCHOLOGY theories combined

87%MORE EFFECTIVE than other goal setting methods

93%MORE HABITUAL & easier to integrate into daily life

42%MORE GOALS  ACHIEVED vs expected

What are you LIFE's GOALS?

🎯 Be your own BOSS
🎯 Get THE JOB you’ve always wanted
🎯 Earn THE INCOME that you desire
🎯 Live in THE PLACE of your dreams
🎯 Find THE PARTNER who will be there for you
🎯 Raise healthy and SUCCESSFUL CHILDREN
🎯 HELP OTHERS become better versions of themselves
🎯 TRAVEL the world
.........what are your life's goals?

Hope is not a strategy
The Ultimate Goal Map can help you make the leap

Why is this THE BEST goal setting method?

This method combines 23 scientifically proven psychology & productivity theories into a SIMPLE and EASY to follow goal setting methodology that is fun and engaging.

It works backwards from where you want to be by the time you're 80 to identify your true life's goals. Then helps to split these big goals into small manageable next steps. It makes achieving your dreams happen naturally without breaking your neck. A month at a time.

The combined theories range from Goal Setting Theory to SMART Goals, Hawthorne Effect, Hertzberg’s Two-Factor and Expectancy theories and many more.

What will you accomplish by setting goals with us?

✅ Look at your life from bird’s eye view
✅ Appreciate where & who you are
✅ Define your biggest & most important life's goals
✅ Evaluate your assets & areas to improve
✅ Break your goals into manageable next steps
✅ Build a habit of working towards your life's goals

Goal Map is a strategy and the action plan

What our customers say

Also, the successful people

It's easy to account their success to their families, upbringing or pure luck. But you know they all have worked extra hard to get to where they are now...

Will Smith on goals
Estee Lauder on goals
Albert Einstein on goals

Which side do you choose?

Average vs successful people and how they deal with goals

There is no right or wrong answer as long as you’re happy, not complaining, aren’t jealous and don’t hate people

And YOU ALWAYS have a choice!

New Year Resolutions fail because they ARE NOT part of a bigger picture long-term goals. It's a scientific fact!
Make 2021 count! Set long-term goals that will lead you to your dreams!

Lifetime money back guaranteed! Terms in FAQ

Setting goals are linked with higher motivation, self-esteem, self-confidence, and autonomy (Locke and Lathan, 2006), and research has established a strong connection between goal-setting and success (Matthews, 2015)

What's it gonna be?

Making the leap from a vicious to a virtuous circle is extremely difficult

It's not easy. The whole world seems to be against you and it is a vicious circle. 
It takes courage and a lot of determination to make the leap.
But once you do, success only accelerates!

NOBODY will do it for you. Only you can make that jump and CHOOSE TO ACCOMPLISH YOUR GOALS! 

So... do you have the gut and the grit to jump?