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Self Mentoring Guide

Self Mentoring Guide

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In a nutshell, this guide will transform you into a SUPER YOU! Someone you will be proud of for the rest of your life.



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Self Mentoring Guide
Self Mentoring Guide
Self Mentoring Guide
Self Mentoring Guide
Self Mentoring Guide

Build new habits &
transform into SUPER YOU

Without breaking the bank or giving up on life's pleasures.

Self Mentoring Guide delivers timely, simple & engaging steps that help to build the right habits without even noticing.


Lifetime money back guaranteed. Details in FAQ.


73%MORE EFFECTIVE than other personal development methods

MORE HABITUAL & easier to integrate into daily life

-100xCHEAPER than personal development mentors & coaches

Why the Self Mentoring Guide?

The Self Mentoring Guide is designed so that you follow simple daily steps towards big life changes that happen as a side effect rather than a goal in itself.

We've crunched 1000+ books, scientific methods, and theories on habit building and personal development along with the best practices and advice from high achievers.

The key principles of this lifelong research & experience are packed into simple, engaging, fun, and easy-to-follow steps that integrate into your personal calendar.

Re-shuffle your own cards

What are your biggest STRUGGLES?

• Finding a fulfilling job
• Making a living
• Feeling happy about your body 
• Improving relationship with yourself & others
• Improving your physical & mental health
• Finding the right partner
• Feeling happy & content with life & yourself
• Living a life not merely existing
...we are all unique, but our struggles are very similar.

Life on your terms

What you can expect to ACHIEVE?

✅ Develop personal morning & evening routines
✅ Achieve more with doing less
✅ Focus on what matters most rather than is burning right now
✅ Integrate your personal goals into your daily routine
✅ Develop habits required for success
✅ Improve health and physical condition
✅ Take up new hobbies
✅ Feel happier & more content


How does it work?

The Self Mentoring Guide is your personal development coach except it's with you 24/7 from your personal calendar at a fraction of a cost:

1. Integrate calendar reminders into your personal calendar
2. Follow the activities in reminders
3. Watch your life change

 You get what you see without the overwhelming extras that come in productivity apps. 

Self Motivation Guide in your calendar_No Pants Office

What will you ACTUALLY BE DOING?

The 6 months Guide covers practices that address:

★ identifying key goals and tasks ★ managing finance ★ trusting yourself ★ listening to your gut ★ taking responsibility ★ saying NO ★ meditation ★ journaling ★ gratitude practice ★ making better choices ★ asking the right questions ★ building trustworthiness ★ cutting out toxic people ★ taking up new hobbies ★ yoga ★ exercising challenge ★ idea challenge ★ de-clutter challenge ★ reading 10 pages/day challenge and ★ much much more.

Activities are split into 6 short & easy to follow daily tracks that together serve a single goal: to help you develop sustainable habits that lead to contentment in life.

Choose a plan that is right for you

1 month


  • Try out many different practices
  • Get into a habit of following the guide
  • Start noticing changes in how you feel

3 months

$27.28 or JUST $9.09/month

  • Define your personal routines
  • Develop new habits
  • Notice changes in life


6 months

$44.06 or JUST $7.34/month

  • Months 4-6 are to ensure you don't walk away from your new routines & habits
  • We'll simply provide accountability, you will be doing it all by yourself

What our customers say

Also, the successful people

It's easy to account their success to their families, upbringing or pure luck. But you know they all have worked extra hard to get to where they are now...

Will Smith on goals
Estee Lauder on goals
Albert Einstein on goals

Which side do you choose?

Average vs successful people

There is no right or wrong answer as long as you’re happy, not complaining, aren’t jealous and don’t hate people

And YOU ALWAYS have a choice!

What's it gonna be?

Vicious vs virtuous circles of achieving and not achieving goals

It's not easy. The whole world seems to be against you and it is a vicious circle. 
It takes courage and a lot of determination to make the leap.
But once you do, success only accelerates!

NOBODY will do it for you. Only you can make that jump and CHOOSE TO ACCOMPLISH YOUR GOALS! 

So... do you have the gut and the grit to jump?

A book you read this week can change the way you think for decades to come. A hobby you start today can help you leave your job in two years. The small seeds of effort you plant into your daily life today will be the garden that grows tomorrow.


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