How To Overcome Fear And Become Powerful

How To Overcome Fear And Become Powerful


I always used to be so scared of everything, every single chance to do something new, inexperienced I used to neglect. Why? Because my FEAR and COMFORT ZONE was stronger than my ambitions. It used to go everywhere with me. Like a good old friend. It didn't matter if I was going into a new job interview, or just shopping. I used to feel enormous anxiety because of the fear of what will happen next. What if the owner of the company won't like me? Or I will drop and break something. In other words: I used to stress twice, before any situation and then stress some more throughout the process.

I guess we all have experienced the feeling of fear to some degree. Some people are even scared of the fear itself. Over the long term fear ruins all beautiful opportunities, which would lead to a better tomorrow.  It is extremely hard work to change it, or at least reduce the consequences. I know,  because I’ve been there. But it is possible and now is the right time to start! 

Pull yourself together

What can I say, congrats! If you are here and you are willing to read the whole article, it means you are one step closer to the change and it’s a huge personal achievement that you should be proud of.

So, let's dig deeper into the process that leads to change

Just imagine how powerful you would become if you got rid of fear! How many beautiful and amazing things you would be able to accomplish. The first step is changing the mindset and keep on practicing. These tips can help to become unstoppable:

1. Start your day with exercise and meditation 

It has a huge impact on mental wellbeing. After exercise, you will have more energy and motivation to have a productive day. Meditation will help you to relax, especially if you have big events, meetings, or something where you might get anxious, do meditation- release all yesterday's stress, start a new bright day.

2. Talk with your friends and family, be honest about your fears

Don’t bury your feelings. When you open your mouth, you're also opening your heart, and it's reassuring to know that someone actually hears and understands what you're going through. They might not give you an exact solution, but they will help you emotionally by supporting you. 

3. Write down your fears

Sit down. Take a pen, write down everything that overwhelms you and makes you feel stressed, anxious, or even afraid. Writing down your fears allows you to bring them out of the shadows of your mind. Your fears have power over you when they are in your head. Free yourself, with running-out dew on the paper. 

4. Imagine the situation where you wish you hadn't experienced fear, would your life be different now?

Sit down for a while, imagine all the good things that could have happened to you, if you TOOK the chance, and USED it for your own well-being. All these lost opportunities, just because you were afraid… Imagine that you are a stranger and watch yourself from the side, are you satisfied with that person's actions? Wouldn’t you be willing to motivate that person and push forward? BE that person! HELP YOURSELF. 

5. Write down a motivational letter, why you shouldn’t let fear overcome you

Write yourself an honest letter. Envision the future. Write down all the good qualities you have and why you deserve better than what you have today. Everything you write down, keep repeating to yourself anytime you feel afraid, anxious, stressed, don’t let bad emotions steal the good from you. 

6. Fake it, till you make it! 

This one is my favorite! I did it, and you know what IT HELPED! At a certain point, you begin to believe in your lies and eventually make them a reality. Show- off your confidence, make everyone believe that you are powerful and unstoppable until you catch yourself not faking it anymore. Because believe me, you will. 

7. Celebrate success

Don’t be afraid to celebrate even your smallest steps towards change. I remember myself cheerfully calling my friends to announce this big event in my life- BEING ABLE TO BUY LATTE from the coffee machine at the gas station. It all starts from the little things. 

8. Stay open to change

Don’t let yourself down. Push forward, and each time do more frightening things, which makes you go out of your comfort zone!

9. Practice makes perfect

The universe loves and cares for people who are pursuing their own goals. Focus on that!

"Each of us must confront our own fears, must come face to face with them. How we handle our fears will determine where we go with the rest of our lives. To experience adventure or to be limited by the fear of it." -Judy Blume

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Very good post on how to overcome fear and become powerful. Highly informative and nicely written. Keep up the good work.

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Very well written


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