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Self Mentoring Guide: months 2 to 6

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THIS Self Mentoring Guide is for those WHO HAVE COMPLETED MONTH 1 ONLY!

You have completed the 1st month of the Self Mentoring Guide? And you want more?

You want to continue your journey towards:

  • building the right habits
  • owning your life
  • transforming into SUPER YOU

You're at the right place!

Months 2 to 6 is where the real magic happens!

1st month is the intro where we've started building routines and forming the right habits. BUT it takes at least 21 days and on average 66 days to ACTUALLY BUILD A NEW HABIT!

So here is your chance to continue this journey. 

Months 2 to 3

You can expect to:

  • continue building the right habits,
  • build on the morning and evening routines,
  • challenge your instincts,
  • embrace here and now,
  • take responsibility for your choices and the consequences,
  • work on the trustworthiness of yourself and others,
  • learn to take into account different perspectives,
  • embrace failure,
  • become resourceful,
  • address your finances: savings, debt, purchase decisions & healthy financial management,
  • continue taking care of your physical health with healthy receipts and interesting exercising practices,
  • join a reading challenge,
  • join a workout challenge,
  • and much more...

Months 2 to 6

Everything from Months 2 to 3

+ much more focus on sustaining the newly formed habits,

+ motivation to perfecting the newly formed routines,

+ focus on financial freedom,

+ loving your body,

+ self-love,

+ time management,

+ sustainability

+ much much more...

of customers report increased focus & productivity

of customers report increased motivation

of customers found new habits & useful advices

of customers report feeling more content