About us

Hey, we’re the officers behind the No Pants Office - sisters Indre and Odeta. 

Indre and Odeta Co-Founders of No Pants Office

We’ve been working from home (WFH) for the last 7+ years. And it’s been a rollercoaster of ups and downs, health problems, anxiety, time management issues, self-doubt, and disappointment along with walks on a beach in the daytime, Fridays off, and enjoying summers more like school children than adults.

It took us time to figure out the most productive and efficient routines, change our habits and develop personally to the state where we feel content about our work-life balance, finances and life. 

So when the second wave of enforced WFH hit the world in autumn 2020, we decided to share our experience and tools to help the rest of the world to fall in love and appreciate WFH just like we do.  

We both took very different career paths only to arrive at the same conclusion - selling our best hours of life to a 9 to 5 job just doesn’t cut it. We’ve set up No Pants Office to help YOU learn from our mistakes and easily overcome the challenges that we’ve learned the hard way while transforming into SUPER YOU! And obviously, help us transform into super us on the way.

Welcome to the No Pants Officers Club! Join us on a journey to life on your own terms!

Indre No Pants Office Co-Founder

Hi, I'm Indre. 

Just like many kids at primary school Indre wanted to be a boss. Unlike other kids in the primary school, she started her first business straight after graduating BA in Marketing in London. 

She came back from London with an idea to open the first escape room in Lithuania. And so she did. After a very successful year and a couple hard lessons Indre and her then best friend- business partner had split up their ways. By that time escape rooms were booming so Indre took up several different ventures from designing unique skirts to literally making holi color powder at our parents backyard. The latter has taken off and is still a very successful seasonal business in Lithuania under a name that translates into “powder for your celebration”.

To complement seasonal business and also gain some “real work experience” she has tried “real employment”. The two large and successful companies that she has worked for could easily complete for the No. 1 worst employer not just in Lithuania. So the “proper job” that is selling your time for someone at a fraction of what they earn has just confirmed what she’s known since childhood - it’s better to have less money and job certainty and run your own business instead of selling your time to others.

Collecting the top worst employer list Indre has also been freelancing, helping small companies with marketing, volunteering and prototyping a couple different business ideas.

Indre is super passionate about trying out different things, active sports, exploring places, traveling, looking for business opportunities and product ideas. 


Hi, I'm Odeta. 

Odeta Co-Founder No Pants Office

Contrary to Indre, Odeta has always wanted to have a successful career outside of Lithuania. So after work & travel across Europe and Erasmus studies in France during her BA, it was time for MSc in International Marketing in London. 

After graduating she was lucky to find a job in a mobile media agency that was expanding rapidly. Due to her hard work and problem solving skills Odeta was trusted to onboard the biggest agency’s customers and took part in setting up offices in San Fran, Singapore and Berlin. Until one day she realised that the development stage of the agency was over and it was time to move on. Kitesurfing has also contributed in making a decision to quit a successful career in London and venture into the unknown. 

By pure coincidence and only “for a short while” she returned to Lithuania to help Lithuanian startups and small companies with their marketing. This short while is lasting over 6 years now and it’s been a real career rollercoaster. Immediately after coming back she joined TEDxVilnius team and met the CEO and co-founder of the first startup she worked with. Odeta joined the startup at the time they ran out of investment money and the co-founder/CEO has left the company. While it is probably the worst time to join a company, 2 years of Chief of Everything Officer position at this company has given her more experience than her masters degree and agency work combined. With this startup Odeta has also won a World Summit Award and entered the WSA Global Network which has made an incredible impact to her personal and professional growth as she’s now a mentor, judge, moderator and speaker at WSA events. 

After the first startup followed the second. To begin with it seemed like a totally different case - it had investors, some money and most importantly - a team. So the future was bright, until it wasn’t. Complicated technology, late investment and shareholder’s disagreements can crumble even the best companies.

So after two startups where she learnt a lot and earned very little it was time for a more stable and secure career option. Odeta has joined a bank that had just received a banking licence and wanted to go from local banking facility to international grade digital only banking application. After re-launching the bank's brand and identity she was in charge of defining and launching the bank's digital channels along with processes required to service customers digitally. 

However,  having mentored a ton of companies, met hundreds of social entrepreneurs through WSA, listened to over 650 non-fiction books (well summaries of books on Blinkist which she highly recommends), kitesurfing and travelling to more than 45 countries, she has realised that her younger sister was right - selling her time to 4 office walls is not the way to go. 

So join us and let's build a life according to our own rules together!