Daily reminders

We're gathered and curated tone of effective advises, recommendations, tips and tricks to guide you through working from home.

They are all packed into 7 different reminder tracks with a single goal: to help you develop sustainable habits and routines for your productivity, physical and mental health and most importantly happiness.

08:00 Backbone of productivity and setting up for success

11:00 Give your eyes a break for 5 minutes!

13:00 Fuelling and re-energising for the rest of the day! An hour lunch break.

16:00 Boost motivation for the rest of the working hours. 5 minutes break.

18:00 Taking care of physical health and ease out of work mode. Time to exercise for 30 minutes.

21:00 Self-development and mental health. 30 minutes to experiment and find a perfect activity for yourself!

22:00 Opening up horizons, developing curiosity and creativity with a daily dose of reading.