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Choose a Good Habit Guide

Achiever's Routine Guide
Achiever's Routine Guide

Achiever's Routine Guide

Develop balanced morning, evening, and reading routines. Achiever's Routine Guide is for those who are serious about their future.

Establishing well-balanced morning and evening routines is the easiest way to achieving life's goals and inviting success and fulfillment.

Achiever's Routine Guide will help you set up morning and evening routines covering various practices that range from drinking water in the morning to addressing your finances, meditation, boosting creativity, reducing stress, overcoming fears, and much much more.

Fulfilling Evening Guide
Fulfilling Evening Guide

Fulfilling Evening Guide

Get into habit of filling evenings with space for the most important things in life, fulfilling activities, preparing for morning.

Fulfilling Evening Guide is for those who need time and space for their goals.

 Fulfilling Evening Guide is filled with practices addressing emotional and mental health to reduce stress, prepare for the morning, and most importantly - start thinking about important things in life.

You are the owner of your composure, mindset & achievements.
Start owning it.

✔️ Intro to planning and goals
✔️ Try meditation and journaling
✔️ Importance of fulfilling rest
✔️ Practices to address self-sabotage, not-to-do list, work struggles
✔️ Learning something new

✔️Start preparing for mornings, reflecting on your days, and changing the context of habits
✔️ Start loving Mondays and having dinners with friends on Fridays
✔️ Practices to address presence, gut feeling, control controllable
✔️ Activities for fulfilling rest

✔️ Start saving & building financial freedom
✔️ Open savings account
✔️ Re-evaluate your spending decisions
✔️ Optimize spending
✔️ Conscious consumerism
✔️ Activities for fulfilling rest

✔️ Continue all previous habits and practices
✔️ Get better sleep
✔️ Start asking the right questions
✔️ Get rid of a toxic relationship
✔️ Focus your energy

✔️ Continue all previous habits and practices
✔️ Guided declutter challenge to declutter your home, mind & soul
✔️ Declutter everything from your junk drawer to your emails, subscriptions, and even people or bad spending habits

✔️ Continue all previous habits and practices
✔️ Piecing it all together with reflection on the most important practices


Winner's Morning Guide
Winner's Morning Guide
Winner's Morning Guide
Winner's Morning Guide
Winner's Morning Guide
Winner's Morning Guide
Winner's Morning Guide

Winner's Morning Guide

Build yourself a personal morning routine that will take your life to new heights on physical, emotional, and mental levels. Without you even noticing!

Want to build the right habits, achieve your life's goals, and live on your own terms? 

It all starts with a balanced morning routine!

Get Into Reading Guide
Get Into Reading Guide

Get Into Reading Guide

This Guide will help you to love reading regardless if you are a booklover on break or a complete novice.

Get Into Reading Guide is for those who want to get or get back into reading.

Books are the biggest unhidden treasures of the world. Anyone can access their tremendous value by simply reading which is the ultimate source of knowledge, wisdom, and curiosity. It's never too late to begin.


Taking a Break Guide
Taking a Break Guide

Taking a Break Guide

Postponing bathroom over work is neither healthy nor productive. We'll help to balance work breaks to stay productive and energized.

We've been there - working from home can really get to you. Taking regular 15 minutes breaks increases productivity, helps to change perspective, reduces stress and this Guide will guide you through 2 daily work breaks full of interesting activities, exercises, stretches, and much more.

Healthy Living Guide
Healthy Living Guide

Healthy Living Guide

Healthy Living Guide will take you through daily exercising and eating practices that are a key foundation to healthy living.

Even if you know the theory, living healthy can take a lot of effort and planning. Healthy Living Guide is for those who want to get into exercising and eating healthy

What you can expect to achieve with the Healthy Living Guide?

✔️ Develop a habit of eating healthy and regularly
✔️ Get a better understanding of food and its role in your life
✔️ Reduce food waste
✔️ Start exercising daily
✔️ Try out many different exercising practices
✔️ Improve your overall well-being and physical condition

Take care of your body and it will help you to take care of your soul.
Start now.


Self Mentoring Guide
Self Mentoring Guide
Self Mentoring Guide
Self Mentoring Guide
Self Mentoring Guide

Self Mentoring Guide

Sing up for productivity, self-development, and personal growth! This Guide is balanced to address all areas of working from home.

It is your dose of productivity and inspiration for working from home well beyond 2020!

Our goal is to help you get through this period while investing in yourself, discovering new activities for productivity, self-development, exercising, eating and much more!

In a nutshell, this guide will transform you into a SUPER YOU! Someone you will be proud of for the rest of your life.

And we took all the b**s** out of the usual motivation tools that are way too complicated and overloaded with irrelevant stuff!


We've packed only the best curated and selected practices into:

  • Concise & relevant calendar reminders
  • Useful weekly newsletters


With this purchase, you will receive a calendar download file (ICS) with instructions on how to upload it to your own calendar (Google, Apple, Outlook).

❗️This is not a calendar app. You will actually upload the prepared reminders into your own current calendar❗️Compatible with  Google, Apple, Outlook calendars.

Reminders are divided into 6 different tracks with a single goal: to help you develop sustainable habits and routines for your productivity, physical and mental health, and most importantly - happiness.

  • 08:00 Backbone of productivity and setting up for success
  • 11:00 Give your eyes a break for 5 minutes!
  • 13:00 Fuelling and re-energising for the rest of the day! An hour lunch break.
  • 16:00 Boost motivation for the rest of the working hours. 5 minutes break.
  • 18:00 Taking care of physical health and ease out of work mode. Time to exercise for 30 minutes. 
  • 21:00 Self-development and mental health. 30 minutes to experiment and find a perfect activity for yourself!

Daily reminders are the backbone of this program!

Focus on your work, we will remind you when t o rest your eyes, have a glass of water or stretch with fun, engaging and quick nudges delivered.... straight into your calendar.
The internet is full of motivation and productivity tools that are TOO MUCH! So we curated only the best and timely reminders with cool stuff to make the most of working from home!

The best part - you're in control! It's your calendar so push reminders around (or even delete some) to suit your personal daily routine!


Obviously, you already get plenty! We get it.

So we're making this into a totally different newsletter. Something you will be waiting for the whole week.

The newsletter is filled with topics ranging from passive income, circular economy, conscious consumption, mindfulness, and even grocery lists for your healthy diet.

You'll LOVE it! And it's part of the path to happiness while working from home!

Our newsletter is something you will be waiting for the whole week.

Habit tracking

Obviously, your good intentions are key to following through with this happiness challenge.

Unfortunately, they are not enough.

We've been there done that to know how motivation and good intentions work and when they stop working. Accountability is the king here!

So you'll join a group on a habit track app so we have a way to monitor your progress and you don't have second thoughts on following through with your new productive habits.


Goal map
Goal map
Ultimate Goal Map
Ultimate Goal Map
Ultimate Goal Map

Ultimate Goal Map

Work back with your life goals from where you want to be by your 80s and transform into SUPER YOU! Someone you can be proud of for the rest of your life.

From understanding your context to evaluating your ultimate values this goal map will take you on a journey through your life to help you shape a clear action plan towards achieving your most important goals!

All the needed resources are within you! This map with instructions on how to complete it will only give you guidance to unlocking your own potential.

A goal without a plan is just a wish! 

You'll cover

✅ Personal building blocks


✅ True goals & values

✅ What you're neglecting & focusing too much on now

✅ What assets you have and what you need to work on

Expected outcome

✅ Big picture goals

✅ Long term plan towards those goals 

✅ Clear next steps

✅ Monthly action plan

✅ Start achieving your big picture goals a day at a time

3 ways to fill

Pages 2 - 5: the Goal Map

Pages 6 - 15: instructions how to fill 

  1. Pen & paper: copy pages 2-5 on a piece of paper and fill it out
  2. Print & pen: print pages 2-5 and fill out
  3. Digital: fill out the pdf file

We recommend the pen & paper or print & pen methods for maximum impact.

We also recommend being as detail and descriptive with your answers in the goal map as possible.

👉Nothing is impossible with a clear goal map and an action plan!👈

Choose a Quick Progress Challenge

Fast-Track Evening Routine Challenge
Fast-Track Evening Routine Challenge

Fast-Track Evening Routine Challenge

Evenings are key to fulfilling life outside work. We’ll fill them with fulfilling activities for better sleep and productive tomorrow.

Get into a habit of filling your evenings with joy, pleasant activities, and preparing for the morning.

Fast-Track Evening Routine Challenge step-by-step guided challenge will take you on an evening routine journey straight from your personal calendar.

Thorough Declutter Challenge
Thorough Declutter Challenge

Thorough Declutter Challenge

Declutter home, mind, and soul with this step-by-step guided 20 workday Challenge straight from your calendar. Free yourself from clutter.

Why declutter in the first place?

1) Possessions possess

All our possess should serve us. Is that the case though? How much time do you spend serving things that you own? Fixing, cleaning, attending to them? The less we have, the more freedom we have.

2) You are not what you own

It is very natural to us humans to identify with what we possess. But we're not the things we own and redefining this new identity starts with getting rid of stuff that's tying you to your old identity.

3) Organizing stuff is a waste of time

How much time do you spend organizing and re-organizing stuff? That's time that you steal from your hobbies, self-education, and your loved ones.

Read 10 Pages A Day Challenge
Read 10 Pages A Day Challenge

Read 10 Pages A Day Challenge

Get into reading books with just 10 pages a day Challenge motivating you to read straight from your personal calendar.

You were a reader who lost passion for reading? You'd like to get into reading or reading more?
You're at the right place!

Depending on how quickly or slowly you read, you can expect to spend between 15 and 25 minutes on this reading practice. 

Why read in the first place?

1) Reading is the best gift you can give to your future self

None can ever take away what you know. And you never know how you can apply what you read in a day to day situations. Reading connects neurons, improves brain connectivity, increases vocabulary and comprehension. 

2) With so much noise and fake news all around, books remain one of the most credible sources of information
It takes around 30 minutes to write most of the blog posts. It takes at least 3 000 hours to write a book with research, iterations and pitching to publishers. Who are you going to trust?

3) Reading is the most enriching form of entertainment, antidepressant, and sleeping pill in one
Engaging imagination in far-away adventures and scientific discoveries helps to reduce blood pressure, stress and helps to sleep better while improving creativity and imagination.

Mindfulness & Creativity Challenge
Mindfulness & Creativity Challenge

Mindfulness & Creativity Challenge

Get into meditating and fostering your creativity muscle with this 20 workday-guided morning routine Challenge straight from your personal calendar.

A well-balanced morning routine is one of the most powerful free tools to success. 

A well-balanced morning routine should address physical, emotional, and mental well-being. 10 - 20 minutes for each is enough.
This Challenge focuses on emotional and mental well-being so you're left to take care of your physical state on your own for now.



73%MORE EFFECTIVE than other personal development methods

7xMORE HABITUAL & easier to integrate into daily life

-100xCHEAPER than personal development mentors & coaches