Why we've made all our Guides and Challenges FREE

Why we've made all our Guides and Challenges FREE

We've started No Pants Office to help our friends, family and anyone interested in becoming a better version of themselves to build better habits and routines while working from home.

Building No Pants Office has been super inspiring and it let us grow in ways we've never expected to grow. It has also opened doors that we've never expected opening. And this new path that started with No Pants Office has unfortunately led us away from No Pants Office for the time being. Yet we simply can't let all the knowledge and practices from the best books and our experience accumulated in Guides and Challenges to go to waste.

So instead of shutting it down, we're making it completely FREE to anyone who wants to improve and excel in life and work.

No hidden fees, no marketing tricks.

We have to focus our attention elsewhere, but No Pants Office is just too valuable to be taken down. So use our Guides and Challenges to take control and start building a life on your own terms! 

Pick the ones that are relevant for you, use and invite friends to do the same.

Our hearts, souls and knowledge from hundreds of books is poured into Guides and Challenges which remain extremely relevant beyond the pandemic.

We call it paying it forward.

Sincerely yours, Odeta, the founder of No Pants Office.


P.S. we do incur some monthly costs for keeping No Pants Office running, so if you feel like it, add an optional tip and help us to keep it running and FREE.

P.P.S. if you have any questions, we are here to answer them and if you have any feedback, it's also highly appreciated!

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