9 exciting websites that you didn't know exist

9 super exciting websites that you didn’t know exist

We spend endless time surfing the web, mostly because of work, or just out of curiosity browsing through news portals or watching funny videos for hours. Have we ever come across websites that not only allow us to unwind and forget about our worries but also provide us with useful information and benefits?


If you said no to yourself, do not despair! Here are the 9 most exciting websites, for a fulfilling afternoon or evening: 

1. stars.chromeexperiments.com

If you are a lover of the galaxy and at the end of the summer you can no longer lie on the soles and be carried away by the beauty of the constellation, then this page is just for you! Even on a cold winter evening, you will be able to admire a virtual galaxy. 

2. explore.org

Are animals your weakness? Or maybe your lifelong dream is to see an elephant or a giraffe? No worries! On this website, you can watch live from African wildlife, oceans, or even explore zenscapes. 

3. color.method.ac

Laying on the couch and thinking about what to do, because even if it’s a relaxing time you just don’t want to waste it, instead you want to do something practical? Well, on this page, you can check how well you distinguish colors, at the end you will get your results! Try to do your best. 

4. mombooks.com 

Just click on the menu-> online activities. Vuoliaaa! Calming coloring books will pop up in front of you. I know, I know many would say that’s what kids do not adults. Ha! Nope, adults also need something relaxing and calming, and I don’t know what could be greater than some colors and a piece of online paper, where you can turn your daily emotions into colors. I would call it a kind of meditation.

5. driveandlisten.herokuapp.com

To be honest, this website is just something INCREDIBLE. All you have to do is to choose the country you want and go on an adventure! You will be able to watch views through driving car windows and also listen to their country radio! How relaxing is that and cool is that!

6. typingtest.com

Challenge yourself and see how fast you can type without any misspellings! Cool way to test your writing abilities in the late evening after work, when all you want to do is just to take some time for yourself!

7. wolfmanmuseum.org

My favorite one! If you are a lover of art, but find it difficult to go to museums, because you barely find time for any kind of activities. There’s a solution for that! On this website you will be able to take a virtual tour around the museum, you will be able to do that whenever you want, even before going to sleep. It’s up to you. Enjoy!

8. radiooooo.com

Life without music? Well, I think that would be just an empty hole. This website is a music time machine that is ready to show you different music from around the world across different times.  

9. meetup.com

Talking to new people and sharing experiences is food for your soul? Then this website is for you! Join it to explore new and interesting events and people. 


To experience the fulfillment of life's pleasures, be moderate! 


If you feel like you have had enough of the internet for today, and your eyes are begging you to take some rest from the screen, don’t hesitate- take a break. Instead of scrolling through the internet, spare some time for a good book. 


Hope you enjoy this experience of finding new and exciting things on the internet!

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